Culture Bowl

CultureBowl is an online travel and culture magazine

Our focus is on travel and culture exploring across the themes of food, lifestyle, arts, architecture, cinema, theatre , literature and the likes. Explore hidden destinations in India, discover a new side of a city, fall in love with the diversity in our cinema and the richness of our art and literature; let CultureBowl take you on a beautiful journey.


Explore, Discover and share with fellow explorers.


CultureBowl was officially launched on 15th August 2014.  Since its launch, the magazine has come a long way, diversifying into several categories, and garnering a niche reader base.




The Cult Crew is the fun loving team that runs CultureBowl. The team consists of passionate travelers, culture enthusiasts and food connoisseurs who love telling real stories. We are a colourful lot, with diverse educational, social and cultural backgrounds. We are on the lookout for new people who could join us and take the website forward.

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You may contact the CultCrew by leaving a mail at cultcrew (at) culturebowl . com


founder – editor . Soumya |  sub editor . Suyash|