Discovery of a 200 year old ship wreck opens up scuba diving opportunities

Visakhapatanam (Vizag) , a coastal city on the eastern coast, may soon become the most sought after scuba diving destination in India. Discovery of a 200 year old ship wreck off the coast of Bheemli near Visakhapatnam, has excited the scuba diving fraternity. Discovered by two divers from a local scuba diving centre at Vizag, the ship wreck is like an artificial reef that hosts a rich and diverse marine eco system. What is most amazing is that it is just at a depth of 6 metres making it one of the shallowest ship wreck sites in the world that has turned into an artificial reef.

The discovery will not only help in developing Vizag as a scuba diving hotspot but also open up opportunities to understand and study marine life in shallow artificial reefs. Most importantly it will give the citizens of Vizag an opportunity to be up close to marine wild life without hampering the Eco system.


The scuba team make a presentation to the AP Tourism Authority on turning Visakhapatnam into a scuba diving destination. If the government supports the proposal, Vizag could soon be a scuba diving hotspot in India.

Photo Source : The Hindu