Piku – Review

| Author: Atma Gokul Pai |

Piku is a family drama, in the sense that it is based on the day to day life of a Bengali family, comprising of the father Bhashkor Banerjee ( played to perfection by Amitabh Bachchan) and his daughter Piku played by Dipika Padukone.

The most beautiful thing about this movie is its simplicity, and the way it manages to touch our hearts without any Bollywood Masala, item numbers, etc; There is no big plot or story as such, but that is what is refreshing about it. It’s as real as life! Juhi Chaturvedi deserves applause for creating such awesome characters that make us laugh, cry and think, all in the same movie.

The movie has a great sense of humour, but at the same time it isn’t the rude and loud kind. There are no explicit jokes, yet the movie manages to make us laugh without much effort. Every actor in the movie has contributed to making the movie a success. Right from the lead actors, who couldn’t have been better, to the servant, the relatives, the drivers, and all the others. Each one is great.

The movie depicts the fact that we love our family unconditionally, even though it’s not always perfect. We can see anger and irritation and love and affection all at the same time in the story.

Apart from the funny side of the movie, the way Shoojit Sircar has brought out the emotion of romance is remarkable. In real life, you sometimes feel a connection with another person, and you don’t need to verbalize it. It just happens. He has focused on this ‘connection’ between the characters. Neither of them tries to hide anything about them. They are both open about how screwed up certain parts of their lives are. Again, there is no drama, or fancy dialogues in the movie about love. Not once do we hear anything like ‘I love you’, or ‘I miss you’. No sad and over-dramatic background music. Yet, the love story between the characters of Dipika and Irrfan is cute, innocent and natural. It is difficult to think that Dipika and Irrfan would make a good screen pair, but their chemistry in the movie was really intense. On a personal note, I totally love this pair!

Juhi Chaturvedi and Shoojit Sircar also bring certain deep messages to the audiences. For example, the fact that it’s important for a girl to not lose her sense of independence and individualism even after her marriage. Or that love can happen anytime and anywhere with someone totally unexpected.

For those of us who wouldn’t mind a movie that doesn’t come as a complete Bollywood package, Piku would be a nice watch. But for those who expect a movie to have dances, villains, loud jokes, action, and intense dialogues, well, this might not be your kind of thing. My personal opinion is that it’s worth a watch anyways.

Piku is added to my list of personal favourites, after Queen, which tops the list.   These are movies that came, made a tiny difference to our lives, and touched our hearts!



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