Ingredients of a Bollywood Masala Film

We have known that there is either Good Cinema  (Watch – The LunchBox starring Irfan), or Bad Cinema (Watch Joker / Tees Mar Khan both starring Akshay whom we otherwise adore a lot ), and all the other films in between.  But then there is the third kind, the Bollywood Masala Film.

What makes a great masala film in Bolywood? A good script? Brilliant Performances? Amazing Cinematography? Superb Direction? Perfect Editing? Well, those things make Good Cinema.

But here are a few ingredients that are a must, for a Bolywood Masala Film. So what if the script is 2 pages long, or songs do not appeal to music lovers !

  1. The presence of a Charismatic Hero  ( preferably from the shortlist of Khans and Kapoors. Some exceptions may be allowed to the shortlist)  and a pretty Heroine.. ( love at first sight…)

charismatic hero

2. A very nasty Villain

Well, A Nasty Villain may not be a necessity in all genres of Malasa movies, but the ones that require them, need the villain to be REALLY REALLY Nasty.


3. Very Very un REALISTIC fight scenes. Break cars, break buses, break trains . Break everything.

Masala fight

4. A romantic song in an exotic location. The characters live in India, but they suddenly start dancing in the Swiss Alps. There are pink trees growing out of white landscapes. The colour of the clothing is highly variable.

romantic song

5. Add some great moments in the film . Romance, laughter, tears, and excessively emotional .

train scene


And there you are, you have a masala film in hand. Give it a long name.