Candies and toffees that made our childhood awesome

Here, we have listed a few candies and toffees that made the childhood of the 80s and the 90s kids awesome.

How many of them do you remember ? What if we tell you that many of them are still available in the market – some just around your neighbourhood shop and a few online.


1. Poppins



At number one is the most memorable and loved candy – Parle Poppins. Those colourful candies made the world of the 80s and 90s kid magical. We fought with our siblings over our favourite colour and flavour.


2. Melody


Melody hai Chocolaty!!! We all remember those famous lines from the Melody Ad. We loved Melody because it melted in our mouths. And you can still buy Melody here .


3. Mango Bite


Mango Bite- India’s first mango candy. Mango Bite made our day , and was supposed to be eated slowly. A variant of ‘Kachha Aam flavour’ was out in the market too.


4. Coffee Bite


Coffee Bite was one of the tastiest candies around. It was a Coffee in a toffee. The television commercial too was based on the the argument – coffee or toffee? This immensely popular toffee was a  shot of coffee for the kids. And the coffee- toffee argument still continues. Coffy Bite is still available and is a brand now owned by Lotte


5. Kismi


Kisme was an all time favourite. Long before the advent of perk and munch, Kisme Bar was the popular chocolate bar of the kids.

Kisme is still available sometimes in the super market or you may just buy it from Amazon


6. Parle Orange Candy

PARORGCNDGDEorange candy 

This sweet candy was inexpensive and available widely in all neighbourhood shops.



7. Gems



Gems – the Colourful sugar coated candies with chocolate inside, have been there since our childhood… and they still remain popular today.


8. Hajmola


 Hajmola dabur

We used to pop a Hajmola candy after every grand meal. Hajmola has evolved and is now available in flavours of Aam and Imli.

Newer avataar of Hajmola is available in the market now.



9. Big Babol , Boomer and Center Fresh




Big Babol, Boomer and Center Fresh were the famous chewing gums in our childhood.  The free tattoos and stickers with chewing gum packs, were prized possessions of every kid back then. Children would exchange stickers


10. Pan Pasand

pan pasand

Chewing pan was not allowed by our parents. But no one would mind us eating the Pan Pasand – a pan flavoured candy.


11.Lacto King and Maha Lacto

lacto king  

maha lacto

Milk based candies.



12. Nutrine Koka Naka

nutrine koka naka

Nutrine Koka Naka was the coconut flavoured Candy


13. Roll – a – Cola



Roll – a – Cola was the solid cola flavoured sugar candy.


14. Nutrine Bon Bon

nutrine bon bon lacto bon bon

Nutrine Bon bon – this candy from the yesteryears is a sweet blend of Milk, caramel and ghee


15. Aasay


Aasay was a delicious and popular vanilla – milk toffee.



16. Lollipop


Lollipop of the yesteryears much before the modern day variants became popular in India.


17. Nutrine Caramella

nutrine caramella

A rich – caramel flavoured soft toffee, Nutrine Caramella had a short but memorable life.


18.  Chocolaty Eclairs


One of the first Eclairs in the Indian Market, this toffee surely was very popular across the country.


19. Swad candies



These candies tasted similar to the Hajmola candies. They were widely available in all neighbourhood stores. They are still found in some small shops tucked away in the corner of a neigbourhood, and off-course, you can also buy them off Amazon these days.

20. Sugar Candies

orange candies

Last but not the least, children from the 80s and 90s will surely remember this candy from their childhood.