A Restaurant where your bill is paid by someone else

You have just finished eating the sumptuous meal spread out in front. You await the bill, just to be taken aback by surprise.  Instead of the bill, you get a note saying that your meal has been paid for by a person before you. And you are invited to gift a meal to the next patron.

Thats Seva Cafe , Ahmedabad- Being run on the concept of Living is Giving. Seva Café is an experiment where each person stepping into the restaurant is seen as a guest and not as a customer. You are a part of the family. You are invited to help with the cooking, with the dishes, or with whatever small chore you would be able to perform to run the restaurant.

As more people participate in the joy of giving, more the experiment thrives. It begins with a single gift: first given, then received. multiplied, and given again, in a growing chain of kindness and care.

It is love and compassion that this restaurant sustains on.

Visit Seva Cafe at Ahmedabad, and now also in Bangalore , Mumbai and Pune