Public Arts at Gopalpur on Sea – PAGo 2018

‘Gopalpur on sea’ is one of the most well-known resort towns on the eastern coast of India. The beachside town recently celebrated the 2nd edition of public arts in Gopalpur festival ‘PaGO 2018″.The theme for this year’s PAGo was ‘Magnifying Maritime’.

The 2 – day extravaganza filled the beachside town with colour. Artistes, photographers, students and tourists descended on this sleepy town and put up the art installations. The festival saw various initiatives on the beachfront like Workshops, Art Bazaar, Clay Modelling, and wall painting. There were murals and installations portraying women empowerment, environmental degradation and sea food. A major attraction was ‘The Storm of Kalinga Sagar’ portraying the effects of previous Cyclones at Gopalpur and the resilience of the community.



The word ‘PAGo’ has an interesting gastronomical reference associated with it since natives of Odisha call a typical mixture of seasonal ingredients “pago”. It is an appetizer, a catalyst in improving the taste buds and so is the art festival.