Down the memory lane: 10 years of Jab We Met

The movie Jab We Met has just completed 10 years. The movie was Imtiaz Ali’s 2nd film after Socha Na Tha but is credited as the film that established him as a popular mainstream director in Indian Cinema.


One of the most startling facts about the movie is that Imtiaz Ali had completed the script in two and a half days flat. While he had the story in his head for a long time, he penned it down in two and a half days and had just 21 days left for pre production time before shooting. Each time Imtiaz revisits the film now, he feels as if he could have done many things differently, especially when it comes to locations.

Bobby Deol was originally supposed to play the role of Aditya, which was later played by Shahid as Bobby could not find the time and the movie kept postponing.

While Shahid and Kareena were going through a breakup then and it was sometimes quite awkward on the sets, yet they played their parts well. The chemistry between the protagonists – Geet and Aditya was the talking point of the movie.


The film’s dialogues became popular overnight. From ‘Ratlam ki Galia’ , ‘Hotel Decent’ , ‘Main apne aap ki favourite hoon’, to  ‘Ganne ke Khet’, the film gave us several cult phrases which are still popular after a decade.  Imtiaz Ali, when asked about the secret of the popular dialogues , said – “Perhaps because I didn’t know how to write dialogues. I wrote how people talked because that’s all I knew,”

Released in October 2007, by end of February 2008 , Jab We Met had generated a business of INR 300 million and was declared as one of the biggest hit of the year.