Shashi Tharoor adds clarity to the colonial narrative of development in British India

Dr Shashi Tharoor, as we all know, is well travelled, well read and a great orator.  He is also an acclaimed writer, having authored 16 bestselling works of fiction and non-fiction.

Prior to serving as a member of Parliament, he worked at the United Nations, rising to the rank of Under-Secretary General for Communications and Public Information at U.N. He finished second in the selection of Secretary General in 2006 to succeed Kofi Annan. Ban-Ki-Moon was selected to the position.

On a recent visit to Australia for Melbourne Writers Festivals 2017, Shashi Tharoor featured on ABC News Q&A with host Tony Jones on 4th September 2017 & other Panelists. One member of the audience asked him about the British rule in India. His answer is to the point. View it here.

Shashi Tharoor rips the Colonial narrative in India

Watch the video here:


The complete session may be viewed here