The enchanting little hill station of Coorg

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Coorg is a tiny hill station in Karnataka, filled with lots of greenery and numerous coffee plantations. Numerous view points overlooking the valley, pleasant weather and the charm of a small town up in the hills is enchanting for sure.
The main town in Coorg is  Madikeri, situated  around three hours from Mysore and reachable by road. There are regular buses from Bangalore and Mysore to reach Coorg.
Fresh Coorg Coffee !!

My two days at Coorg was a very refreshing experience . This place hasn’t been destroyed by pollution and crowds.  The tiny town, with narrow streets, old houses and greenery all around,  has managed to retain its charm over the years.

We covered Kushal Nagar on the first day of our trip.  About 6 kms from Kushal Nagar is Bylakuppe, famous for its Tibetan settlement and monasteries.  The most notable of the monasteries is the Namdroling Monastery. The Tibetan temple near the monastery has three large and beautiful statues of The Buddha, Padmasambhava and Amitayus.  The Tibetan settlement at Coorg was formed in 1960s when the government of Karnataka had given lands to Tibetans in exile. Now monks come here for spiritual practices.  Travelers come here to experience the rich culture and serenity of the place.

Another place we visited while at Kushalnagar was NisarghDhama.  This is an island created by distributaries of river Cauvery and is open to tourists. There is a deer park here, but unfortunately, we were able to find only one lonely deer at the time of our visit.  There is picturesque bamboo bridge across the river that has to be crossed by walk to reach Nisargadhama island.

A Cosy Coffee shop we discovered at Kushal Nagar

We stayed at a small hotel at Kushal Nagar to experience the local flavour. The place was clean, safe and vibrant. We walked to the local market and bought coffee.


We also discovered a small coffee shop near a street with a very cosy ambience. The lights were dim and there were some creatively decorated walls. The owner himself was having coffee when we went in. We had a chocolate brownie and coffee. It is one of my most memorable experiences of Coorg!




The next morning we took a bus from Kushal Nagar to Madikeri.  We took a normal city bus, and were able to enjoy the view of the road.  During this drive, we saw the urbanization reducing and greenery increasing. There were many tall trees and coffee plantations. The temperature dropped quite a bit and the air became fresher.

At Madikeri, our place of stay was a homestay in the middle of a coffee plantation that was around 150 years old. Delicious local food was served in the homestay;  we had freshly prepared Dosas, Kappa (Tapioca) curry, and freshly brewed coffee for breakfast! There were light winds that blew in the morning and we could see the leaves swaying in all directions.

Madikeri has many places for tourists to visit. Some of the ones we visited are:

1. Abby Falls: This waterfall is located in the middle of green trees and coffee plantations. One has to trek a little to reach the waterfall. Many streams of water come together and the Abby falls is formed. The water then goes into the Cauvery river. This place is a famous tourist destination for people visiting Madikeri. It is quite crowded during peak time. On the way to the falls, we saw mushrooms,  bright blue caterpillars and many plants and trees.

2. Raja’s Seat: This is a garden having a seat facing a beautiful view in front of it. According to legend, the King of Coorg came here during the evenings and enjoyed his time in Nature, watching the beautiful view.

3. Madikeri Fort: This is a very old fort, which is said to have been built in the 17th century. The view outside of the fort was also nice.  We went for a small walk here. Not much is left of the fort but for the fortified walls themselves.

4. Raja’s Tombs and Gaddige Tombs:  There are a few tombs which have been built at Madikeri.  These are tombs of the king and his officials. There is a distinct quietness in this place.

5. Omkareshwar Temple: This is a very old temple of Lord Shiva. The architecture of this place is mixed. It is a nice place to visit for those who like olden temples.

6. Talakaveri (Near Madikeri):  This is believed to be the place where the river Cauvery originated. There is a small temple here. When we visited this place, there was a lot of fog and it was very cold.

There are other places also that one can visit but we had a time crunch and so could cover only these. We found a very tiny and old restaurant which served yummy food and snacks. And this place didn’t burn a hole in our pockets too…in short.. it was a pocket friendly place!

If you get a chance, do visit Coorg and stay in a homestay to experience Coorgi hospitality! A visit to the Tibetan settlement at Bylakuppe and coffee at Coorg are things not to be missed. This place is a heaven for people who love to travel and wish to be in Nature frequently.

First published : Aug 2017


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