History re-written in Maharashtra. Mughals wiped out of textbooks.

History is being re-written in Maharashtra. Literally ! Mughals were history. Now they are out even of history books in Maharashtra. The history text books from class VII to IX have been revised to exclude any reference to the Mughals.

Justifying the move as one in the interest of students of the state, Sadanand More, chairman of the history subject committee of the Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production and Curriculum Research, said: “We have looked at history from a Maharashtra-centric point of view. Even if it is the Delhi Sultanate or the Mughal rule and the medieval history of India, we have kept Maharashtra at the centre. It is a natural course as we are from Maharashtra.What’s wrong in that? In fact the central board books have very little about our state.”

The Maharashtra board thinks that students in Maharashtra need not know too much about the Mughals.  Akbar, earlier known as a “liberal and tolerant administrator,” will now be the ruler who “tried to bring India under a central authority” but faced opposition from Maharana Pratap and others. Shivaji has been portrayed as an ‘ideal ruler’ , a revision from the earlier versions of the textbook where he was called the people’s king.



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