Walking Tours in Bangalore to soak in its Culture

Curated walks take you on a walking tour revolving around a theme. Slow and full of discoveries, these walks are designed for you to soak in the place, its history and culture. Here are some beautifully curated guided walking tours in Bangalore, that shall ensure that you rediscover the city.

INTACH Bangalore   (Theme-Heritage)

INTACH Bangalore chapter conducts Heritage walks known as Parichay (meaning identity). These walks  are conducted by conservation professionals and architects in association with like-minded organisations including the National Gallery of Modern Art, Archaeological Survey of India and Bangalore City Project with Max Mueller Bhavan.

INTACH Parichay has had a great inning, from tentative beginnings at Begur Panchalingeshwara temple in March 2008.  One INTACH Parichay was in such demand that it was sold out within 15 minutes of announcement. INTACH has had at least one ParchayWalk every month ever since.

cubbon park museum

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Bangalore Walks    (Theme -Heritage)

One of the most popular walks in town, the folks from Bangalore walk take you on curated walk tours covering themes like Green Heritage Walk, Victorian Bangalore Walk, Military Heritage Walk and Cubbon Park Walk. The much acclaimed Military walk takes you on a tour of the Madras Sappers Regiment-  MEG & C Museum and War Memorial. The Green Heritage Walk covers the beautiful gardens at Lalbagh and Cubbon Park Walk takes you on a tour across the greens and the heritage buildings in Cubbon Park.

Inspired by similar walks in London and Boston, these walks are presented by passionate presenters and enthusiasts in English. The walks end with a lovely breakfast (optional). Over 30,000 people have experienced curated tours of the city through Bangalore Walks over the years.

The walks cost Rs 500 per person. Reservation is required. Reach out to Bangalore Walks here

UnHurried  (Multi themed)

UnHurried , as the name suggests, takes you on a slow and beautiful journey across the city, giving you enough time to take in its sights and sounds. Categorized into Market Trails, Heritage Walks, Food Trails and Nature Trails, the city walks are pre curated walks, with numerous stops and include a small meal. There are other packaged tours and walks like Open Walks, City Tours and Out of City Tours.


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Bengaluru by Foot   (Multi Themed)

Bengaluru by Foot takes you on not-so-usual walks on history, human and natural heritage, culture, food, spiritualism among others. From forts, colonial bungalows, centuries’ old gardens and bazaars to diverse food and spiritualism, BengaluruByFoot helps you explore the known and not-so-well-known facets of Bangalore.

These are led by Bengaluru-born hosts who are passionate about the city and a global perspective.  There are several tours ranging from food tours, architectural tours to tour of the greenery at Lalbagh.
bengaluru by foot

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