The movie Dangal is refreshing in ‘kuch toh log kahenge’ era.

  • Dangal – Review
  • Runtime: 2 Hours 41 minutes.
  • CultureBowl Rating: 4.5 4.5 stars

The Aamir Khan starrer Dangal is entertaining and inspiring at the same time. 2016 has given us some brilliant movies like Pink, Dear Zindagi, Neerja, Udta Punjab and Wazir and the year ended superbly with the release of Dangal. Based on the true life of the Phogat sisters who went on to make India proud and brought women’s wrestling in India to the fore, Dangal is a tale of hardwork, perseverance and determination.

dangal 2

We are shown that Mahaveer Phogat, a national level wrestling champion lives a life of commoner with a small job, because wrestling does not pay. He yearns for a son who can make his dream, of winning an international wrestling event for India, come true. He is blessed with 4 daughters. While he loves his daughters, he is disheartened that his dream may never see the light of the day. It is only when one day Gita and Babita beat up some boys that Mahaveer Phogat foresees his daughters’ future in wrestling. ‘Are our girls any less than boys’ says Mahaveer Phogat to his wife who is doubtful that their daughters  can be wrestlers.

Geeta and Babita Phogat, who have been enjoying childhood till then, suddenly find themselves training hard every morning at 4 am. That women can be wrestlers, is something not very easily taken by the small village in Haryana where they live. The sisters along with their father become the laughing stock of the town. Never once does Mahaveer Phogat falter to the societal norms set by the villagers.

At a time when many dreams fail to take wings due to fear of what ‘will the society think, what will people tell’  this story has set an example of courage. Mahaveer Phogat is a feminist in his own way, he has fought against the societal norms for his daughters. In a village where a girl child meant bringing her up just to get her married by the time she reached her teens, Mahaveer Phogat has worked hard to give his daughters a life other girls in the village could only dream of.

The movie sets a pace and takes you on a journey from the younger days of Mahaveer Phogat, to the upbringing of the daughters, and shows how their career has been shaped by their father. At no point in its run time is Dangal boring and there are several moments of laughter throughout the movie.  The wrestling sequences are brilliantly shot and each actor has acted well. Dangal is a must watch.

CultureBowl Rating 4.5 out of 5