Dear Zindagi – the movie, has some important life lessons for all of us

With today’s fast paced life, many youngsters are facing increasing issues of stress, alienation, relationship problems.  Technology has made it possible for us to be in touch with our friends with a message or ping, but at the same time it has reduced our human interaction.  People have hundreds of friends on their social media list, but how many of these ‘friends’ are actually friends? How many of them can we call over for a cup of ‘chai’ and interesting conversations? How many can we rely for some timely advice? Not many I think.


In a society like ours, we have all the information we need about any topic just a click away.  Many of us live fast paced but comfortable  lives.  But this kind of life style brings with it many problems that we are forced to deal with. One of the main issues many youngsters are facing today are those related to emotional and mental health. In spite of having moved ahead as a society, our country still has some inhibitions about the topic of Mental Health. Most people shy away from discussing this topic openly or even with their close ones. But in reality, this is a severe issue and we need to be aware of its effects on our society.  The movie ‘Dear Zindagi’ touches this sensitive topic.

The movie, directed by Gauri Shinde of English Vinglish,  has Shahrukh Khan ( SRK)  and Alia Bhat in the lead roles. SRK plays the role of a psychologist/ therapist and Alia is a cinematographer living a normal life and facing her set of life issues.  Shahrukh Khan is introduced in the movie during a seminar where he makes a very important point in a speech. He says when people have physical ailments they rush to the doctors. But when they have issues with the mind, they ignore those issues. They pretend as if the mind is not a part of the person’s entire being. Alia faces some emotional issues and sleep disorders and after listening to his speech she decides to visit him. The movie revolves around how Alia is unable to deal with her emotions and seeks help of Shahrukh, who then provides her the therapy sessions she so needs. Alia’s life speaks about some of the major issues like relationship issues, commitment problems, family and childhood traumas, alienation issues, etc. which are very common in a youngster’s life today. It shows how important family ties are and how childhood memories leave a lasting impression on a person’s life.  Many fears and other personality issues start at childhood and require therapy.

The movie doesn’t have a fancy ending like other movies. It just shows how Alia faces her deepest emotions and deals with them.  She lets go what has being pulling her down for a long time and finally finds joy in the present moment. The movie seems realistic and is a slice from our everyday life.  Some parts of the movie are a little rushed, but can be forgiven for the good message that the movie gives.  The subject selected is so vast, it can’t be entirely covered in a movie of 2-3 hours. The movie has managed to touch a very important topic of our present day society.  It asks us to be aware of ourselves and our friends and family, and ask for help if needed. It is important that our society slowly becomes more aware of the importance of mental and emotional health.



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