No more wild animals in India Circusses

The ministry of environment, forests and climate change (MoEFCC) has come down strongly on keeping wild animals in ‘inhuman’ conditions. The Central Zoo authority in India, responsible for oversight of zoos and animals in captivity,  has cancelled its recognition to 21 out of the 22 circuses in the country. The sole remaining circus is under heavily scrutiny. This essentially means the circuses will not be able to keep wild animals like elephants for several acts.The Chief Wildlife Wardens of the states have been asked to rehabilitate the elephants from derecognized circuses.

circus elephant

According to the CZA, circuses cannot make animals perform without having proper facilities as prescribed under the Recognition of Zoo Rules, 2009. Photographic and video evidence revealed that the wild animals were being treated cruelly. The elephants were found to be suffering from infectious diseases, permanent physical and mental disorders.